Meditation is the essence of Yoga

Meditation has become a popular practice in the Western world over the past decades. Being a very personal experience meditation is interpreted and understood in many different ways. In the yoga tradition meditation is an experience of peace and oneness, a state of consciousness where the mind ceases to exist. A sense of deep and restful state of being enfolds as a result.

Benefits of Meditation:
Its many benefits have now been scientifically proven and are well documented. In a nutshell, a regular meditation practice will help reduce stress and anxiety, stay focused, sleep better and have more energy – simply happy!

Meditation Courses

Epsom Yoga offers a series of Meditation Courses, including handouts:
Courses 1, 2 and 3, and 'The Basics of Meditation Course' consist of weekly one-hour sessions which include theoretical discussion and questions, asanas (physical postures) to facilitate sitting, pranayama (breathing exercises) to encourage energetic flow, and meditation (10-20 minutes).
The Chakra Meditation Course is an eight-week course over three months.  It is recommended to have attended at least Meditation Course 1.
No experience of Yoga is required.

Course 1 - Breath Meditation 
This 5-week course is ideal for total beginners wishing to start their meditation journey.  You will learn different techniques using the breath as mental focus.


Course 2 -
 Learn how to Use Sound and Mantra to Meditate

This 5-week course covers sound-based meditations, i.e. repetitions of words or phrases as a mental focal point.  You will also explore the concepts of Yamas (moral discipline), the first practice of Patanjali's Classical Yoga.


Course 3 -
 Explore Visualisations as a Meditation Technique

In this 5-week course you will learn how to use visual images to help focus the mind, including techniques such as candle gazing and visualisations.  You will also explore the concepts of Niyamas (observances), the second practice of Patanjali's Classical Yoga.



The Basics of Meditation Course
This 6-week course gives you the tools and confidence to develop your own meditation practice. It combines the techniques of Meditation Courses 1, 2 and 3, but excludes discussion of the yogic ethical concepts of the Yamas and Niyamas.



Chakra Meditation Course
In this 8-week course you will learn how to tune your chakras (energy centres) with meditation in order to achieve a harmonious energetic flow in your life. You will use a variety of meditation techniques and learn tools to restore and maintain balance of each individual chakra. It is not essential to have attended one of the other Meditation Courses although recommended.

What Our Meditation Practitioners Say

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"I have attended the first 3 courses of Meditation and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different methods and finding the right method for me. Emanuela is always on the right side of spiritual for me and you can see that she is knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. I always come out of her class re-energised and ready for the day ahead."
"These meditation courses are a very good introduction to the subject. They are both practical and theoretical . You learn how to meditate with different types of mantras and aides such as candle gazing. You also learn the philosophy supporting meditation and how it is placed in the the yoga tradition. The course is very good value for money plus you are given handouts to keep. Meditation is a great stress buster and these courses are definitely not to be missed."

"I was completely new to meditation and had very little experience of yoga when I signed up  to Emanuela's meditation course.  On my first session I was immediately put as ease and made to feel very welcome by Emanuela and the rest of the group - and although some had experience and others didn't Emanuela talked things through step by step and I never felt out of pace with the rest of the group.  I have  found learning the basic principles of meditation a real asset in daily life - helping to deal with stress more effectively and reminding me how important it is to take time out to meditate  - especially when life is at it's most hectic.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone with or without experience in meditation - I certainly feel I've been given the tools to continue my meditation journey."