Group Classes

‘Arrive full of the activities of the day, stretch body and mind, go home thoroughly relaxed yet rejuvenated’
(Margaret, Tadworth)

“As someone who was a complete novice to yoga three years ago, I now feel mentally, psychologically and physically so much more ‘in tune’, thanks to the nurturing and watchful eye of Emanuela. Every individual has been allowed to develop at their own pace. You come out of her class feeling both relaxed and invigorated.”
(Ginette, Tadworth)

“I have come across various teachers while attending yoga classes over the past 10 years. I would like to say that I am very impressed by your teaching method. You are certainly the best yoga teacher I have had”.
(Maureen, Epsom)

“I have been attending Emanuela’s class for over a year and have found it very calming and yet invigorating. Emanuela has a very warm approach and I particularly enjoy the way she plans each class with different moves and postures each week which keeps the class’ interests. It is a relaxed and yet well structured class and I always feel the next class is too long a wait…”

“Often I’ll arrive at Emanuela’s class in a rush with my head buzzing and my breathing shallow and agitated but I never leave that way. Emanuela has a true gift for imparting calm and developing serenity within those who practise with her. She has a genuine depth of knowledge that she is always willing to share whether it be an alternate posture for physical reasons or suggestions as to how to develop theoretical knowledge. Her voice is soothing and her manner calm, welcoming and utterly non-judgmental. I have found much joy and peace through her yoga sessions and cannot recommend her highly enough”.
(Kathi, Banstead)

“I’ve always fancied trying yoga so I was delighted when Emanuela started running group sessions for beginners nearby to me. She was very patient – we were all beginners and she was very careful to ensure that we were doing everything correctly. She would come around and check our positions individually. There was no pressure to push ourselves too much but we did all improve over time. I was amazed how much looser and more relaxed I could be after each session. She is obviously very experienced and I would highly recommend her to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.”
(Sarah, Ashtead)

“I have been attending classes with Emanuela for the past 3 years and continue to really enjoy the sessions, and to be inspired by her teaching. As well as the more obvious benefits of seeing real improvements in my flexibility and strength, I always leave the class feeling energised in body, but calm in mind which is the greatest achievement for me. Thank you.”
(Suzie, Epsom)

“Thank you very much for all you have given to us over the years, in the form of YOGA.  You give much and know not that you give at all.  I have developed physically, emotionally and spiritually under your expert guidance.  Keep lighting the way for others!”
(Priti, Epsom)


Small Classes

“For the last 20 years or so I have had problems with my left shoulder, a stiffness which could become painful when I was under stress or tried to do any strenuous physical activity. I started Emanuela’s gentle yoga class about 6 months ago and she showed me an exercise for my shoulders which I started to do each day at home. After about 2 or 3 weeks I noticed that my shoulder wasn’t hurting as much and then the discomfort completely disappeared. And it hasn’t returned to this day and I am able to do a wide range of physical activity with no problem at all. I would like to thank Emanuela for using her knowledge and experience to help me overcome this long standing problem. I continue to go to her classes and get so much from each one.”
(Helen, Banstead)

“Emanuela takes a very spiritual, rewarding, therapeutic yoga class with personalised attention and instruction which caters for each individual’s needs ensuring that everyone develops at their own speed and therefore enjoys each class to the full.”
(Christine, Langley Vale)

“I have been practising yoga for over 15 years. Emanuela is one of the best yoga teachers I have been lucky enough to be a student of. Her Tuesday classes are more than a yoga practice; they are an education. I have learned so much about my body and movement, my breath and the holistic approach of yoga.  My weekly classes have improved my health significantly. They have become an essential part of my self management regime. I am very grateful for having met Emanuela and been a student of Epsom Yoga. I cannot recommend these yoga classes enough.”
(Martine, Banstead)

“I have no hesitation in recommending these classes. I started as a beginner to help me to relax, unwind and help my flexibility and have found it to be successful on all fronts helped by the pleasant environment and great teaching.”
(Kerry, Epsom)

Restorative Yoga

“Doing restorative yoga with Emanuela was like a gift.  It was such a wonderful antidote to daily stress, a chance to relax more deeply than I have in a long time, and I felt the benefits throughout the week.  Emanuela has a great ability to tune into what you really need and then to tailor the class accordingly.  Her teaching and guidance is much valued too.”
(Patricia, Carshalton)

“I have attended one of Emanuela’s yoga classes for some years and have always found her to be an excellent and intuitive teacher, so when she suggested, after I had been unwell, that I might benefit from some sessions of Restorative Yoga I thought that I would try it.
I found the sessions very beneficial. It was so simple to just stay in the poses and breathe.  It felt  as though  deep seated tensions that I didn’t even realise were there just rose up and floated away. I feel it would be helpful to have some more sessions from time to time to keep myself in balance so I have made myself a promise to do this.”
(Janet, Epsom Downs)

Private Classes

“My husband and I began attending Emanuela’s yoga classes over eighteen months ago and I can honestly say that it has had a really positive impact on our lives. Her gentle approach combined with a deeply intuitive sense of our individual needs has benefited both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Yoga will now be part of our lives for ever.
(Carmel & Alberto, Stoneleigh)

“I have been practising yoga under Emanuela’s guidance for a number of years, both in group classes and on a private basis.  I have found Emanuela’s teachings both informative and enjoyable. My knowledge and ability have grown hugely during this time and under Emanuela’s instruction I have grown to love my yoga practice. I greatly value the time, effort and commitment given to me by Emanuela. I will now embark on the next step of my yoga journey as a student teacher and I know that Emanuela’s instruction will  continue to be invaluable.”
(Tara, Langley Vale)

“4 months after a hysterectomy I joined Emanuela’s beginners gentle yoga class and then followed up with 3 private sessions. My main focus was to strengthen my core muscles and lower back, both of which we achieved. The breathing techniques also seemed to help restore my emotional balance and have become a way of life which help me feel centered and calm.”
(F.P. Surrey)

Yoga Therapy

“I found the yoga therapy really helpful to bring down my blood pressure and relieve anxiety. It has become part of my life and daily routine where I spend time meditating to help relax my mind and unwind for the day.”
(William, Cheam)

“Emanuela has visited me at home for individual yoga practice/therapy since June 2011. This has been very helpful and much appreciated, as I have progressive MS and require individual attention rather than a group class. I have found Emanuela very accommodating and keen to help wherever possible. She has even been in contact with my physiotherapist to make sure they have a complementary approach. I thoroughly enjoy my yoga sessions and always feel benefit from them, even though they are modified. The relaxation practice is also enjoyable and beneficial, and I am sure has helped me to deal with my MS”.
(Louise, Bookham)

“After 3yrs of immobility I now have the flexibility to resume normal life. Emanuela’s kindness & patience during Yoga Therapy has given me the confidence I needed.”
(Avril, Caterham)

“Emanuela is a very competent therapist.  She has helped with various emotional and physical issues.  I will continue to practise to maintain the improvements that have resulted from her teaching.”
(Sandra, Tadworth)

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

“Emanuela is an excellent teacher who is extremely conscientious. She ensures that her students are in the correct pose and offers alternatives if you cannot manage due to pain.  I would highly recommend the course; it has made me far more aware of my posture and improved my core stability and strength resulting in less lower back pain.”
(Jane, Ewell)

“I decided to attend Emanuela’s lower back course because I have suffered from lower back pain ever since out eldest son was born more than 26 years ago.  It comes back each time when I make movements that are not correct or spend doing physical tasks that my body is not used to.  I learned so much.  I now know which exercises to do when I do get back ache and within a couple of days it is now gone; it used to be 14 days in the past.  My back is stronger and I know what to do.  I can highly recommend the course and together with the yoga exercises I hope to reduce my back pain forever. Thank you Emanuela.”
(Leonie, Epsom)

” I consider the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course an important invesment in my future health. After the course, I was much better able to maintain a relaxed and prain free posture”
(Catrin, Epsom)

“The course has taught me a variety of exercises and relaxation tips which over the 12 weeks have given me a strong opportunity to control and build on my back strength.  The course has also made me more ‘back-conscious’ and helped me to make several small but significant changes to everyday living that have improved my overall understanding and helped to reduce my back pain.”
(Alison, Epsom)

“I just want to say a big thank you for the Yoga for Healthy Lower Back course. It has been very practical and my lower back pain has reduced by at least 80% as a result of the course.  I am sleeping better and sitting at the desk working through the day has become less challenging. All in all I would recommend the course to anyone who has lower back pain.”
(Vivien, Epsom Downs)

“Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs really works – it has given me tools that I can use to keep myself pain free for life!” 
(Victoria, Reigate)


“I have attended the first 3 courses of Meditation and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different methods and finding the right method for me. Emanuela is always on the right side of spiritual for me and you can see that she is knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. I always come out of her class re-energised and ready for the day ahead.”
(Luisa, Banstead)

“These meditation courses are a very good introduction to the subject. They are both practical and theoretical . You learn how to meditate with different types of mantras and aides such as candle gazing. You also learn the philosophy supporting meditation and how it is placed in the the yoga tradition. The course is very good value for money plus you are given handouts to keep. Meditation is a great stress buster and these courses are definitely not to be missed.”
(Fiona, Epsom)

“I was completely new to meditation and had very little experience of yoga when I signed up  to Emanuela’s meditation course.  On my first session I was immediately put as ease and made to feel very welcome by Emanuela and the rest of the group – and although some had experience and others didn’t Emanuela talked things through step by step and I never felt out of pace with the rest of the group.  I have  found learning the basic principles of meditation a real asset in daily life – helping to deal with stress more effectively and reminding me how important it is to take time out to meditate  – especially when life is at it’s most hectic.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone with or without experience in meditation – I certainly feel I’ve been given the tools to continue my meditation journey.”
(Georgina, Epsom)


“I have found the one off workshops on Healthy Bones, Back & Shoulders a very useful and informative tool when dealing with various aches, pains and physical problems that arise in daily life. It is very positive feeling to know how to combat these without having to resort to taking painkillers. Also practising yoga moves anyway gives a very positive feeling. So I would recommend it to everyone.”
(Patricia, Redhill)

“I participated in Emanuela’s informative and encouraging Yoga for Healthy Bones workshop. The session was a mix of trying out poses and finding out about the research that links yoga practice to healthier bones. Emanuela’s teaching was carefully planned to meet the needs of participants, gently challenging and very supportive. I went away from the workshop feeling I had learned about the positive effects of yoga on bone health and more determined to keep going with my yoga.”
(Melissa, Epsom)

I started practising Yoga with Emanuela by joining a course of Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs which I found to be really informative and helpful and something that I now use in daily life and consequently I now attend her weekly Yoga sessions.  I also attended  a ‘Yoga for a Healthy Heart’ workshop run by Emanuela which was interesting and beneficial and made me aware of breathing techniques to lower stress levels.  I value Emanuela’s quiet and calm manner and her commitment to each individual and hope to continue with her excellent teaching.”
(Gail, Ashtead)