Useful Info

Useful Information for the Practice of Yoga 

Equipment & Clothing

If you are new to yoga you may prefer to borrow equipment at first (please advise the yoga teacher).

Otherwise, please bring with you to class: a (non-slip) yoga mat, and if possible block, belt and blanket.

Wear comfortable clothing and something warm to put on for relaxation (blanket).

Practical Considerations

If you suffer from any illness or had a recent injury or surgery, you may want to consult a doctor before starting a yoga class.

It is advisable not to practise yoga after a major operation for 6 months.

Do not force it – only go as far as your body allows.

Do not eat a heavy meal for at least two hours before your class.

Mobile phones/bleepers must be switched off during class.

All information you provide your teacher is entirely voluntary and will be treated confidentially.

What Our Yoga Practitioners Say

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"Arrive full of the activities of the day, stretch body and mind, go home thoroughly relaxed yet rejuvenated"
"Thank you very much for all you have given to us over the years, in the form of YOGA.  You give much and know not that you give at all.  I have developed physically, emotionally and spiritually under your expert guidance.  Keep lighting the way for others!"    
"I have been attending classes with Emanuela for the past 3 years and continue to really enjoy the sessions, and to be inspired by her teaching. As well as the more obvious benefits of seeing real improvements in my flexibility and strength, I always leave the class feeling energised in body, but calm in mind which is the greatest achievement for me. Thank you."