Online Yoga

Online Yoga classes allow you to practise wherever you are: from the comfort of your own home, in a hotel room or holiday location anywhere around the world.  You can attend either group or private yoga classes using Zoom, a remote conferencing platform.

Epsom Yoga currently offers live sessions, i.e. the class has not been pre-recorded which allows you to ask questions and the teacher to make personal corrections. It is basically as in a studio.  This is why there is a limited number of students accepted per online session.

To book your online class, e-mail Emanuela at She will then confirm availability and send you the Zoom link the night before the scheduled class.

When you join the class you will be greeted by Emanuela. You have the option to share your video (recommended) so that the teacher and other students can see you and have a little chat. You will then be muted for the duration of the class. At the end you have the option to unmute yourself for good byes.

To get the best out of your online yoga class it is worth to prepare yourself by following these steps:

  • Download the Zoom App from on the device where you are receiving the e-mails and will be using for the online classes
  • Have a trial Zoom meeting with your teacher before attending your first online class
  • Fully charge your device (laptop, IPad, etc.)
  • Check the video is on and audio is on “Computer Audio”
  • Close e-mails and other web apps that may compromise internet capability
  • Switch off mobile phones/beepers that may distract you
  • Be ready with all your yoga equipment: non-slip yoga mat (or large beach/bath towel), blocks/bricks (or books), yoga belt (or tie)
  • Give yourself 5-10 minutes ahead of scheduled class to log in and get settled
  • Inform family and friends not to disturb you during yoga practice
  • Do not force it – you may be on your own with no one to help
  • And above all, ENJOY!

What Our Yoga Practitioners Say

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Your online classes during lockdown have been brilliant and the best thing for my body during this difficult period.   Simple to log on, clear precise instructions that can be followed easily all make for a brilliant Yoga class and you can even see me to make corrections!   I’m hoping they may continue into the foreseeable future as this new way of classes works for me!"    Thank you Emanuela.


Emanuela runs the online classes very well. I find that there is very much a one-to-one feeling, prompting greater focus with potentially less distraction in the more relaxed surroundings of home."


When Lockdown started, I opted to try Emanuela’s online classes via Zoom. These classes have been a key part of my week, bringing us together for Emanuela’s trademark skilfully planned sessions, with the same attentive personal support and encouragement as her face to face classes. I’m hoping that the online versions will continue so that, eventually, we can choose to join in yoga gathered together in a real space, or brought together via the internet. Thank you Emanuela - your teaching has boosted my physical and mental wellbeing at a truly challenging time.”