Yoga Classes

Epsom Yoga offers a variety of classes to suit your requirements of the moment. Whether you prefer to practise with other students in group classes, or at work with colleagues, or enjoy my full attention on a one-to-one basis, Epsom Yoga can help. Classes range from classical Hatha Yoga for general mind/body maintenance to restorative sessions where poses are adapted to suit individual needs.  Meditation courses will also help you discover the benefits of this core practice of Yoga.

For people wishing to address specific health issues individual Yoga Therapy sessions may be the answer, as well as therapeutic yoga workshops as part of the 'Yoga for a Healthy Life' workshop series.  In addition, a specialised 12-week course on 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' will give you the toolkit to manage your back pain.

You also have the choice to attend in the studio/hall or remotely. Online classes have now become more popular (because of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic): you can practise from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are, away on a business trip or holiday! Some practitioners find that they have a deeper experience online than in a studio. I currently offer live classes where instructions are targeted to you and I encourage interaction with my students as in a studio. This is why I only accept a limited number of students per session. You will find useful information for Online Yoga here.

Description of Classes

General Hatha Yoga Class

This general class is a mind-body fitness class. Its aim is to develop awareness of the body, mind and breath in order to stimulate a feeling of harmony. There is a focus on healthy alignment and with practice you will improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. It is equally suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners as poses are adapted to individual needs, bearing in mind that each human being is unique.

Gentle Yoga

This gentle class provides a mixture of hatha yoga and restorative poses depending on students’ needs of the moment. As well as encouraging healthy structural alignment and breath/movement integration, there is a focus on deep relaxation. Gentle yoga can help bring balance to the nervous system and heal the body and mind from everyday stresses.

Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes allow you to practise yoga from the comfort of your own home without having to face the hustle of the outside world. This may enable you to dive deeper into your personal practice. Both group and private classes can be taught remotely. You will need to download Zoom from, a remote conferencing service. It is advisable to have a trial Zoom meeting with your teacher before attending your first online class.

Private Yoga Class

Each class is tailored to your individual needs.  You may be a total novice and feel apprehensive about joining a yoga group, or looking for a class that works around your busy schedule, or would like to deepen certain aspects for your existing yoga practice.  Whatever your needs, a private class is the most effective way to progress on your yogic path. It is possible to share a private class with up to two other people.

Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative yoga is designed to restore balance in body and mind, and is of therapeutic nature. The session usually starts with gentle movements to ease the joints and tone the general body musculature. In addition to breathing exercises passive relaxing poses assist the body and mind in releasing underlying tension and stress. The use of props helps position the body in such a way to create a state of deep relaxation and health. In short, restorative yoga is the art of self-nurturing. This class is suitable for beginners and anyone wanting to ease pains and aches or just relax. It is particularly recommended for people with challenging conditions such as back problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome. There is a maximum of 4 people per class. Although this class is not scheduled at the moment, it is possible to run it on an ad hoc basis. Please enquire.

Yoga at Work

No need to come out of the office:  Epsom Yoga comes to you to deliver a refreshing and relaxing yoga class.  This class is designed to break up the working day and leave you feeling de-stressed, re-energised and focused. The physical yogic postures help to ease the pressure of long hours sitting at a desk. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques have the power to refresh and rejuvenate both body and mind.

Yoga for Seniors

It is understood that many problems associated with aging such as circulatory disorders, arthritis and digestive issues are a result of lack of exercise, poor eating habits and shallow breathing.  Yoga can help alleviate these complaints.  This gentle and relaxing class aims to rejuvenate the physical body and revitalise the mind.  Yoga poses are adapted to release tension and stiffness, improve muscle tone, improve balance and correct bad posture.  Breathing exercises can also help increase energy levels, regulate blood pressure and better cope with general pain.

What Our Yoga Practitioners Say

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"All of your students believe that you bring them new life. Sometimes to weary or broken bones, strained muscles or just the release of bodily tensions. Your belief and personal knowledge of each class member encourages us to take risks, try harder and grow in strength and inner harmony. And because of these wonderful qualities you evoke in each of us, we are renewed and seek new forms of peace and openness in our daily lives. Thanks as ever."
"Doing restorative yoga with Emanuela was like a gift.  It was such a wonderful antidote to daily stress, a chance to relax more deeply than I have in a long time, and I felt the benefits throughout the week.  Emanuela has a great ability to tune into what you really need and then to tailor the class accordingly.  Her teaching and guidance is much valued too."    
"I have been practising yoga for over 15 years. Emanuela is one of the best yoga teachers I have been lucky enough to be a student of. Her Tuesday classes are more than a yoga practice; they are an education. I have learned so much about my body and movement, my breath and the holistic approach of yoga.  My weekly classes have improved my health significantly. They have become an essential part of my self management regime. I am very grateful for having met Emanuela and been a student of Epsom Yoga. I cannot recommend these yoga classes enough."